Welcome to Empowered Living. My name is Hayley McAlinden, I am a qualified Natural Nutritionist, Holistic Lifestyle Consultant and Yoga Instructor. I’ve created this site to share with you the wonderful things I’ve learned over the last decade on my … Continue reading

Natural Nutrition

Empowered Living Programme I understand that healthy living cannot be achieved overnight. I takes time and small steps to fully integrate a healthy lifestyle, and with all the uncertainty about what is healthy these days it can be a confusing … Continue reading

Yoga Classes

The benefits of yoga are endless, for me it is all I need to stay fit, toned, flexible and have a clear focussed mind. It is a portal to connect mind, body and spirit. My passion is ashtanga yoga, a … Continue reading

Video Links

Here’s a brief video with me talking about cleansing, juicing, detox and enemas! The power of Yoga and self belief… Lesson to be learned is its never too late to reverse any physical or mental alignments Thrive, Do you want … Continue reading