Emotions & Organs

Fears pic

Fear, anxiety, palpitations, panic attacks are all related to the Kidney/Adrenal energy. This can manifest in the above emotions, plus trouble with sodium levels (fluid retention) or even as problems with the ears- hearing, tinnitus, ear infections, waxy ears (which is also a stagnation of lymph).

Most people tend to have a weakness in a particular organ, mine happens to be the Kidneys (& stomach), when I younger I used to be very acidic (cystitis often & numerous other symptoms) get ringing in my ears & be an over thinker (which works for and against me!) and after a stressful period they would just ache!

Hydration is number 1, Alkalising the body through diet and managing stress are all key components to keeping symptoms and anxieties at bay, but long term it’s good to work on building the kidneys and adrenals up through herbs and cleanses.

A lifestyle of stress, alcohol, drugs, wheat, dairy & meat will keep the kidneys weak or weaken them. Opt for a life of plenty of water, herbal teas, tons of veg, minimal stress & regular meditation. It’s always good to check in with what your body is telling you.

Get to know the Chinese 5 elements, memorise this: every organ has an emotion- Kidneys = Fear, Liver = Anger, Lungs = Grief, Stomach = Worry, Heart = Bitterness. This brings a whole new level of connection & understanding. It works both ways you can weaken the organ by holding onto the corresponding emotion. Its just as important to work on our psychology through different therapies to release any stored emotions. (Think of the bitter heartbroken person who has a heart attack or the angry alcoholic!) By shifting out these patterns & nourishing ourselves on every level we bring the body back into balance.

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