Liver Flush & Tips For Looking After Your Liver

Liver flush

A Liver flush consists of prepping the body with juices, tonics and colon cleansing over a number of days before necking half a glass of olive oil with grapefruit juice. You might feel awfully hungover as the body releases stored accumulated bile, gallstones, toxins and quite often emotions, flushed nicely down the toilet! These gallstones are mostly soft pea like balls that will float to the surface. The only time its not advisable to do a liver flush is if you know you have some hard calcified stones (you will be in considerable pain), as this will take a few months prep to soften them first. Here are some gallstone pictures to take a gander at! LC2

How healthy your liver is determines how healthy the rest of your system is. This master organ has 100’s of functions like manufacturing essential enzymes and proteins, absorbing and storing vitamins A, D, E, and K, manufacturing and regulating hormones, and removing waste from the blood. But, It regularly gets bombarded with alcohol, synthetic hormones and toxins daily to add to the load.

It also works closely with the gallbladder to secrete bile into the intestine to break down fats.  The gallbladder andliver itself can build up bile stones and have them lodged in different places. Interestingly, the more healthy fats you eat, the clearer the gallbladder will be of any built up gallstones. As the gallbladder squirts the bile and flushes everything through it is often enough for these not to build up. However, if you have a high sugar/carb, damaged fat or low fat diet the opposite can happen.

That saying, most people have accumulated these gallstones and other blockages in the liver/gallbladder which is a great hindrance to your overall health and absorption of vital nutrients. Astonishingly every disease known is related to a blockage in the liver but you wont get told that at the doctors surgery! If you want to heal, first clear the liver!

Some of signs of a congested liver and poorly functioning gallbladder are:

  • Irritability & Anger
  • Weight Gain
  • Slow Fat Burning
  • Food Cravings
  • Fatigue & Lack of Energy
  • Foggy Head & Poor Memory
  • Lowered Immunity
  • Sore Eyes or Poor Eyesight
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Varicose Veins
  • Acne or Frequent Spots
  • PMT
  • Reproductive Issues
  • Digestive Issues
  • Bloating & IBS
  • Waking between the hours of 1am – 3am

There are many things you can do to help this organ out but supporting the gallbladder as well as the liver has huge benefits to the whole digestive system, and for this we need adequate bile flow secreted daily.

Here are some ways to support  the liver/gallbladder and digestive function:

Chaga tea daily- Chaga mushroom has heaps of health benefits I could write a whole article on. The main point here though is its ability to soften and loosen gallstones. I love to brew chaga chunks on the hob and serve with coconut oil or butter ghee and stevia drops. Tastes divine!

Apple cider vinegar- first thing in the morning or anytime of the day before food, take a shot of ACV (not for the faint hearted) or put a teaspoon in some water and knock it back (you can add raw honey or stevia if needed). This stimulates the salvia. enzymes and bile flow for optimmum absorption of nutrients.

Lemon with warm water- Everybody knows this one. First thing in the morning, get your juices flowing with some fresh lemon in warm water.

Digestive bitters – Bitter is a very much lacking flavour in the western diet, it is a very powerful tool to secrete bile flow and stimulate the liver. Take a shot of bitters before or after food.

1 tbsp olive oil followed by 1tsp lemon juice – the olive oil and lemon stimulates the bile and squeezes the gallbladder. Doing this morning or evening before bed is a great way to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Dandelion leaves- Yep get outside in your garden and pick those weeds to add to your salads. This potent wild food will do wonders for the liver!

Eating lower Carbohydrate- Avoiding gluten, sugar and deep fried foods.


Doing a liver flush is highly advisable but can be a somewhat of daunting prospect. If you would like the support of a qualified Nutritional Therapist & Detox Specialist, I offer guided 3 day liver flushes staying in a beautiful countryside log cabin near Bath to take the stress away. click here for more info.

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