Organic Hair Colour Review


Yes its true, ultimately we shouldn’t really be colouring our hair if we want to look after it, but I for one am still too vain to just leave my natural dull light brown colour and feel happy with it. Maybe one day I will be at that stage but for now I am exploring the best alternatives to the chemical laden hair dyes.

After trying many ‘natural’ & ‘herbal’ hair dyes along with Aveda hair colour for years in search of the least harmful dyes for my hair, I would leave feeling I had still stripped my hair of its nutrients and inhaled a load of nasties in the process! I am so excited to have found the Organic Colour System range for the number one reason that it’s 100% ammonia free – that strong smell that is highly irritant to your eyes, nose, throat and lungs. It’s not just bad for those reasons; ammonia works by blasting open the hair cuticle to allow the colour in, which then doesn’t close back up, leading to damage, split ends and colour fade. It also damages the amino acid tyrosine (part of the protein that makes up the hair responsible for the natural pigment). Plus it damages the scalp’s sebaceous glands, responsible for your hairs natural oils & moisture. And yes even Aveda still uses this ingredient…. Wow I feel bad for the years I subjected my hair to this now!

It is also free from Resorcinol, Parabens and Formaldehyde – some seriously dangerous carcinogenic chemicals used in professional salons and at home colours.

Although I know the range is not 100% natural (as it is impossible to achieve this), it is better than your mainstream colours by a long shot. They claim to be the only company to focus on the protein, PH and moisture of the hair using certified organic ingredients. I did notice a big difference compared to other colours I have used. My hair felt softer, looked shiner and the colour has lasted and not faded like it used to. They have an impressive range of colours and bold vibrant tones if its reds etc you are looking for.


And if that’s not enough to sway you, it’s also not tested on animals (you’ll be surprised at the companies that still do), cruelty free, vegan, eco friendly, and has won tons of awards! I am not being paid to say this, I am just genuinely excited to have found it!




The Bristol salon I found this colour system at was The Green Room, Gloucester Rd Click Here They were super friendly and helpful. I highly recommend them. (usa) (uk)

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