Traveling & Yoga

plane-yogaTraveling and Yoga
Yoga enthusiasts know the many benefits that come with this form of exercise. In addition to developing flexibility, it is a great way to relieve stress, and actually keeps the body in shape. Outsiders might watch and think there is nothing to it. However, yoga works every part of the body and promotes strength and good health overall. It is only natural to want to incorporate this part of one’s daily routine into a travel itinerary as well. Yoga can be performed on the go without a problem.

Traveling can definitely be a cause for stress. From waiting in the airport to traffic jams and lengthy drives, trips take a toll on the body. Exhaustion and stress are common problems, whether it’s a trip meant for business or pleasure. Slipping yoga into the routine is an excellent choice that will make that next journey an easier one on the body and spirit.

There are many ways to include yoga on a trip. For the person who has been practicing yoga for a long time, it is easy to follow the same routine that is performed at home. It might mean getting up a little earlier, but the benefits will be worth it. Mobile devices make it easy to find a routine online. There is always the chance that yoga will be featured on an exercise program. Most hotels have a fitness room. If doing yoga in the bedroom is going to be disruptive to others, head off to the fitness room and get that workout in. Many hotels often offer yoga services for their guests. I have learned many tips and tricks at finding these types of hotels by searching on the Internet for travel reviews and what amenities the hotels spa and fitness center have. On my last trip to Las Vegas I went to a review site for Las Vegas hotels and found it to be very helpful in finding the right hotel with the right yoga studio. Always do your do-diligence before traveling and booking.

Yoga can even be performed in the car or on the plane. Simple breathing techniques can help a person to relax and get in a positive state of mind during their travels. Yoga is all about having balance, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Whether a traveler is sitting in a lobby, on a train, or has finally made it to the hotel room, practicing simple yoga moves can really make a journey worthwhile. Remember to include meditation before bed, upon rising, and prior to any stressful situation. Even something as simple as the Sun Salutation each morning can start the day on the right foot. When packing for that next trip, be sure to bring yoga!

Written by Wesley Vonn, Fitness enthusiast & blogger

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