Happy Hormones Workshop

Hormone healthDo you want….

  • Optimum fertility
  • Manage stress better
  • Balanced weight
  • No crazy mood swings
  • No period pain or cramps
  • Clear skin
  • No fluid retention
  • Consistent energy

Join me for a jam packed day to fully empower you!

We will go through

  • A low down on all the hormones and how to keep them balanced and healthy
  • Easy hormone balancing recipes, smoothies, nut milks & treats demonstrated and sampled
  • Importance of organ and gland function with reaching your optimum weight
  • How to keep endocrine (hormone) glands healthy
  • Naturopathic cleansing techniques
  • Understanding day to day chemicals and which products/cosmetics to use & avoid
  • Nutritional deficiencies, the missing key to hormone balance
  • Best suppliers and brands I recommend
  • Healthy lunch, snacks & refreshments
  • Ebook and handouts containing all the information


Contact: Hayley

Email hayley@empoweredliving.me

Mobile 07748452956

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