Optimum Health Workshop

66434_10152438239335455_1773672619_nWorkshop including food, refreshments and an Empowered Living folder containing all the information, charts, recipes and suppliers gone through that day.

A jam packed day to educate & fully Empower you for a healthy 2015 and onwards!



We will be going over:

      • Whats what in the ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy ‘food world
      • Understanding day to day chemicals and which products/cosmetics to use & avoid
      • Easy recipes, smoothies, nut milks & treats demonstrated and sampled
      • Importance of eating seasonally and alkaline foods
      • Understanding the seasonal Equinoxes & Lunar cycles affect on our mental & physical health
      • Understanding dis-ease symptoms and ways in which you can manage them
      • Importance of organ and gland function with reaching your optimum weight
      • Guide to Naturopathic Techniques for cleansing
      • Major nutritional deficiencies in todays world & how to prevent them
      • Best suppliers and brands I recommend
      • Healthy lunch, snacks & refreshments
      • Folder containing all the information

Covering Bristol/Bath & surrounding areas


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