Bulletproof Chaga Tea


chagaI love chaga mushroom and make a tea daily.

Chaga is known as the king of medicinal mushrooms for many reasons. It grows only on Birch trees that have been infected or diseased and it comes in to save them with its potent healing powers… It has the same effect on our system. Some of its functions are:

It protects our DNA

Has anti-cancer properties

High in Zinc and Melanin

Regulates the Immune system

Softens gallstones and protects the Liver

I use the chunks and leave them on the hob in a special tea pot so I can just heat them up daily. I put in about 5/6 chunks and these last about 6 weeks until I swap them for fresh ones. You know they need swapping when they start running clear instead of dark brown! You can also use the powder in a cafetiere like you would with coffee,  just keep refilling it until the water runs clear.

These are the ones I use from Revolution-foods. Use discount code: empowered (for 10% off over £40) revolution-foods.com/Mushrooms/Chaga-Chunks-100g

Simply heat up the chunks slowly with distilled or filtered water and pour out a cup (without the chunks obviously!)

I then add 1tbsp of coconut oil or cream and 1tsp of grass fed butter ghee and a dash of vanilla liquid stevia.

The fats help the body get into more of ‘fat burning’ mode (yes certain fats help you burn fat!)

Skip the coffee and black tea and make this part of your routine, You’ll soon reap the benefits 🙂


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