Weekly yoga
Sheila Says…

This yoga class is fab! I go every week if I can as I really feel the benefit of the class. I have practised yoga in the past but haven’t enjoyed it as much as I do Hayley’s class. She works you quite hard during the warm-up so much so that you actually get a sweat on! Then she guides you through poses you couldn’t imagine yourself doing. She helpfully corrects any poses you’re struggling with and helps you get into position if you can’t do it yourself. The class ends with a lovely relaxation routine which is a struggle to stay awake through! Hayley has a very calm nature and you can’t help but feel energised at the end of the class. I enjoy the class so much that I bring three friends along with me. I should add that I have a painful neck and shoulder condition and Hayley is very supportive and suggests alternative poses for any that I have trouble with

Weekly yoga
Kirsty Says…

Hayley’s classes are just the right mix of relaxing, revitalising and dynamic. I have tried lots of yoga classes over the years and really love the way Hayley’s classes are planned and executed. You feel like you are pushed just the right amount with an interesting variety of poses and she really encourages and supports students of all levels.
I attended drop in classes which I have found previously a little limiting as levels and commitment from people are so different, but Hayley always managed to be equally inclusive of sporadic and regular attendees and ensured she created a friendly atmosphere. I always came away with a real spring in my step and friends who were new to yoga that I brought along with me were soon keen converts,”

Natural Nutrition

Martyn says…..

“Hayley changed my life by helping me reverse my diabetes.. I now take no medication and my pancreas has fully repaired hence perfect blood sugar.. She is a miracle worker and a saint.. Once again thank you Hayley”

Natural Nutrition
Joanne says….

I had a nutritional consultation with Hayley for some niggley health problems that never seemed to resolve. I had tried many allopathic and natural approaches before I met Hayley but nothing worked. Hayley really did empower me to get to the bottom of these issues and I have never felt as healthy as I do now! She certainly has a wealth of knowledge, I feel very grateful to of crossed paths with such a wise young lady and would definitely recommend her to all!”

Natural Nutrition
Salvatore says….

Hayley got me on track with my nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Problems were recognised quickly, information was explained simply and direction was given in easily digestible stages that I could manage and maintain

Natural Nutrition
Kim says….

Hayley McAlinden is hands down the most knoweldgable and passionate nutritionist I have ever met (I tried various others before discovering her). After having on going health problems Hayley came to my rescue. She speaks in terminology I understand and always explains exactly why and what she is recommending

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